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Specialized in film and photography

My journey has been shaped by my Nordic heritage, combining Danish and Faroese traditions to kindle a deep passion for visual storytelling. I started my educational journey at the Copenhagen Film and Photo College, learning the basics needed for my career.

I further developed my craft and style in my time with with Das Büro, a well-known photo agency in Copenhagen and while in New York, I had the privilege of working in a Brooklyn photostudio, gaining further hands-on experience. These experiences also gave me further experience in team-based concept development and executing digital video and print media.

Today, I’m a freelance professional, collaborating with institutions and private companies. My projects vary from small photoshoots to extensive campaigns, and I bring together a team of creative professionals to achieve these goals. My creative mindset allows me to offer fresh ideas and contribute to project success. I approach every project with a commitment to authenticity, aiming to tell genuine stories with a personal touch. In my professional work, I cover various aspects of photography and film production, ensuring clients get high-quality services.

My curiosity and adaptability drive me in an ever-evolving industry, and my commitment remains the same: consistently delivering results that exceed expectations while embracing the art of visual storytelling with a Nordic touch.